We can work it out...

or not.
People will tell you that I am feisty. People will tell you that I am argumentative. People will tell you I will question and challenge your arguments, simply because I stubbornly do not believe in dogmas. I will not deny any of these statements. I will ask a LOT of questions, mostly because I really want to understand your point of view, to understand where are you coming from, to walk on your shoes. I will welcome your views, arguments and facts, I will admit to being wrong.

You do not need to keep on talking until you cannot go on. Sometimes, because life is very short, and there is no time for fighting and fussing, it’s just better to agree to disagree.

There will be days when we cannot work it out, there will be days when I will not agree with you. And in those days, all I can wish for is that you respect my right to differ. That you respect the fact that I do not share your view. That you respect me. Being dismissive of this, to bulldoze me with facts that support and illustrate your view, to try to convince me, to win me over with numerous arguments and facts will just push me away. It’s one thing to challenge me and my views, to help me see things under a different perspective, another thing is to bombard me with data, until I’m too tired to answer back or think for myself. And then it feels like bullying, and I am hurt.

Each offensive strike will push me a step away, further and further away. I hate arguments, so when the debating is finished and it’s a matter of your view against mine, I will give up and walk away, running the risk of knowing that my love will soon be gone.

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