Pecha Kucha Night | Lisboa

What if you wanted talk about your projects with other professionals?
What if you wished you didn’t have to wait for the next Summer festival to listen to your favourite alternative band?
What if taking pictures was more about passion and opportunity, rather than a good camera?
What if you could find bibliography information about art books?
What if you wanted to invite your favourite busker to play at your birthday party?
What if building a house took more than just lumber and a lot of motivation?
What if writing, was more than a means to inform, but rather a way to convey a message?
What if someone took a picture of you while you were sleeping?
What it you were living abroad and couldn't work?

What if… I had refused the invitation to Pecha Kucha Night in Lisboa? I’d have never learned all the answers to these questions and then some more.
Thanks to Billy I attended for the first time this caldron of ideas, motivated minds, brilliant perspectives and innovative thinking. Even though the presentations were way too many for one evening, after a grueling week at the office, pecha kuching was all I needed.

P.S. And I’ve finally met Portugalize.me and ran into Cozinhar sem Lactose

2 comentários:

  1. :-) Foi uma bela sessão, mas é verdade que são sempre muito compridas! Gostei muito de te ver! Um beijinho

  2. Obrigada! Pode ser que para a próxima nos vejamos numa sessão gastronómica (tua)!