Joys to behold...

The mesmerising wizardry of Lionel Messi and the muscular grace of Cristiano Ronaldo are joys to behold. 
Beautiful game, dirty business, The Economist, Jun 7th 2014

The article is quite interesting, and for people like myself who are not soccer-literate it's an eye opener. It's riddled with colourful football metaphors and comparisons.

It debates the corruption problems in FIFA, hosting rights, rigged matches, and how difficult it is to govern a institution that answers to no-one.

An organisation that answers to no-one, should answer to those it serves. So, how important is football for its fans, really?  Will they demand more transparency?

Brazilians protesters do have a point, there is so much money going around, apparently quite corruptly, it should be put to better use.

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